About the writer

biogpicAnne Hanley is a landscape and garden designer, and writer. She has lived in Italy since 1984 – in Rome for many years and now in the Umbrian countryside.

Having restored her ruined farmhouse, she  turned her attention to a new property in the lovely hilltop town of Città della Pieve in Umbria, where she has created three holiday rental suites, one of which has its own gorgeous private garden atop the medieval city walls. You can read all about Pieve Suites here.

She also (in a rather absent-minded fashion) attends to the two and a half hectares of land which make up her garden.

The rest of her time she dedicates to her day job: designing, restoring and embellishing other people’s gardens throughout central Italy and further afield. Her website has information on her garden design work, articles on gardens and other Italian themes and links to useful sites.


3 thoughts on “About the writer

  1. I would like to contact you as I have lived in Venice for 18 years + with my Italian wife and also have a small publishing house San Marco Press, specialising on Venice. A new fun book has been done for kids.

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